Gown No 14 on the PCT – Miles 1289 – 1415

This gown was a challenge … When Bambi told me it was a size 4 and a wee bit shorter than I when she was married, I was determined to get myself in this gown.  It somehow became known as the ‘halter-kini” since we didn’t expect it to cover much of me.  Bambi was hoping to find a creative use for the dress and hiking26 was good enough for her.  She didn’t think her two sons would want them (but then again, I’m sure my Mom didn’t expect her son to one day ask about her wedding gown in such a way), so she donated to hiking26.

Bambi admits she was a Bridezilla, which I can’t imagine, with her cute and fun spirit. Here’s a few fun facts about Bambi’s Special Day

1.  I was a total bridezilla… super stressed, had to have things perfect (and nothing was), and in the end I didn’t even get to eat any of my wedding cake!  BUT, come to find out….
2.  I was pregnant with our second son!!  Yes, that explained quite a bit.  It also explains that little pot belly in the photos
3.  I ended up falling asleep in the dress in the car on the way to the hotel after the reception… which means, yes, it was comfy enough to sleep through the night.

As of this post, I’ve worn the dress a little over 40 miles and it’s working out quite nice.  It’s getting hot out here on the trail as the summer presses on and the trail elevation has dropped.  It’s getting dirty quickly though.  75 miles more to hike in it !!!

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